AUS Architects – About Us

AUS (Austerlitz Architecture) – currently with a staff of eight professionals – is a cutting edge design firm, active in three fields:

  1. Architecture of innovative buildings, in which we are involved in all phases -from preliminary design to the final result. This by using the most advanced software and computational design tools.
  2. Consultancy in the fields of Energy efficiency, Green Buildings – Sustainable design/development and the creation of Regenerative Architecture.
  3. Design and consultancy in the field of Landscape Architecture and Sustainable urban development.

In all its projects, AUS is promoting the use of novel yet practical construction technologies, promoting healthy, comfortable and efficient environments.

AUS was founded at 1999 by Dr. Noam Austerlitz, a practicing architect, innovator, researcher and lecturer. Dr. Austerlitz is an expert of various aspects of sustainable design, smart building technologies and ecological approaches for urban & landscape design. He strives to bridge the gap between academic and practice-based knowledge, while testing innovative technology in real-life projects.

The firm is engaged with many municipalities, Local governments, Government offices and is a vendor for Israel Ministry of Defense in the field of Green Building consultancy.

Dr. Architect Noam Austerlitz

Staff member in Tel-Aviv University, researcher and lecturer in the ‘Azrieli’ Faculty of Architecture and ‘Porter’ Faculty of Environmental Studies. In this capacity heads a variety of courses, seminars and master classes, dealing with various aspects of sustainable design, ecological architecture and ecological approaches in city & landscape design.

Austerlitz is teaching Architecture since 2000, and researching Architectural Education through his PhD (Technion, Israel) and Post-PhD (University of the Arts, London).

Following this research, Noam is constantly developing tools for improving education of practicing professions. In recent years have led research and strategic process into promoting sustainable development in academia by Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Architect Ayelet Lanel

Chief Architect and head of digital design.

Cum Laude graduate Architecture and town planning BArch (Technion, Israel) and Graduate of Sustainable Environmental Design MArch (AA School of Architecture, London). Mastered in Sustainable design and merging digital design and advance simulations. Her Master research focuses on incorporating Ecology and Architecture in Educational buildings for children in Israel. During the research she developed Architectural-Ecological elements that incorporate Algae growth as part of the Structure of a primary school.

Ayelet is the chief architect in 'AUS Architecture', leading projects in design and consultancy in the private and public sectors.